Why Social Media?

Social Media Marketing enables reaching your audience in an effective manner so as to drive engagement.

The goal is to create content that is reflective of your brand’s DNA through deep strategic frameworks driven by competitive analysis, brand analysis and consumer behavior.

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What’s unique about every channel?



A visual-first network, Instagram favors photos and videos that are attention-grabbing. As the platform has grown, the types of images have changed. Professional photos aren’t the only type that you see now, but the platform has been dominated with amateur content lately.



Twitter is a legacy social media platform too that encourages crisp communication in a high frequency manner. It reflects the pulse of the world as the most human form of communication is visible on this platform.



TikTok is the new kid on the block which is all about short bursts of expression in an engaging manner. The content that works best are ones that have a form of storytelling. The content present on this channel is very charming and creative, allowing you to flex your creative muscles.



Support your business's brand with posts that are professional and display thought leadership in your field. If Facebook is like your business on its lunch hour, then LinkedIn is your business during work hours.



Facebook has all of the content types available to it so it’s a little difficult to narrow down what works best. It’s the jack of all trades and hence there’s a lot of freedom to express on the platform. It allows for long form content which enables a higher degree of expression.



Snapchat was one of the fastest booming platforms in the 2010s that revolutionized by introducing concept of ‘stories’ Snapchat has changed the way we consume content through bite sized vertical pieces of content.

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