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Al Ghurair Investment is a leading family business group in the Middle East, operating across seven sectors since 1960. It has played a vital role in the UAE's development, growing from a small trading business to a major player in the region.

Goals and Objectives

The main objective for Al Ghurair Facilities Solutions was to establish a professional social media presence that accurately represented their brand and engaged their target audience. They aimed to showcase their diversified operations, communicate their commitment to excellence, trust, and responsibility, and align with their overarching ideal of 'Enhancing Life.'

Inspiration and Concept Development

Al Ghurair Facilities Solutions invested time and effort into exploring various sources of inspiration and developing creative concepts that would effectively convey their brand message on social media platforms. They focused on capturing the essence of their diverse industry sectors and their long history of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Mood Board and Visual Direction

To guide their visual representation, Al Ghurair Facilities Solutions created a mood board that encompassed the desired aesthetic and conveyed the essence of their brand. They developed a clear visual direction, selecting appropriate typography and imagery that reflected their heritage, diversity, and commitment to excellence.

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Interaction Design

Al Ghurair Facilities Solutions emphasized the importance of interaction design in their social media strategy. They aimed to create engaging and meaningful interactions with their audience, encouraging dialogue, and fostering a sense of connection. This involved designing posts, campaigns, and content that encouraged participation, feedback, and sharing.

Typography and Imagery

The choice of typography and imagery played a significant role in aligning with Al Ghurair's brand identity. They carefully selected fonts and images that portrayed professionalism, innovation, and the diverse sectors in which they operate. The visual elements were strategically chosen to resonate with their target audience..

Challenges and Solutions

One of the main challenges for Al Ghurair was establishing a professional social media presence that effectively represented their brand. Their strategy focused on creating Always On content that showcased their operations, highlighted their values, and engaged their audience. By consistently delivering relevant and valuable content, they addressed this challenge.

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Results and Impact

The implemented strategy yielded a positive impact for Al Ghurair Facilities Solutions:

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Future Iterations

Al Ghurair Facilities Solutions will continue to refine their social media strategy, staying updated on trends and emerging platforms. They will explore innovative ways to engage their audience and communicate their commitment to excellence, trust, and responsibility. By continually evolving their social media presence, Al Ghurair Facilities Solutions aims to maintain their position as a leading diversified family business group in the Middle East.

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