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Boma Rural Connect provides customer with helpful, fair, and safe internet solutions. Their belief lies in going above and beyond to exceed expectations and provide a truly exceptional experience.

To translate all this in the design language, we created their emblem featuring infinite and active connections, representing a commitment to providing reliable, fast internet service and endless possibilities for their customers. Boma Indygo and Boma orange represent creativity, innovation, enthusiasm, wisdom, trust, energy, and warmth.

With their logo we aimed to present Boma's promise of providing infinite and stable connections to everyone. At the same time, the brand colors were carefully chosen to reflect Boma's values, stand out from the crowd and be bold and ethical for Boma's mission. Our designs for Boma, include visuals for books, T-shirts, notebooks, envelopes, and letterheads.

Our choice to go for clear and simple typography complements the overall design, supports their mission, and makes a long-lasting positive impact.

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