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A brief history

Founded in 2017, Clicktap has grown into an agency that caters to brands within and outside the UAE, including some of the world’s most reputable cities. We are proud to say that our team is made up of highly trained and talented individuals who work as one efficient unit for the greater cause of growth of our clients.

A culture of growth and happiness

Our mantra is growth in work, in wealth, and within. We work as hard as much as we play, encouraging our team to make the most of their lives in and out of work. Provided it is never a detriment to the team or our clients, everyone is given the freedom to manage themselves like the highly competent and confident people that they are

To maintain our culture, we have weekly Team Huddles in addition to regular one-on-one meetings. These initiatives have worked to keep us all extremely aligned and build a strong unit together for the greater good.

Meet our Team

We are a team of experts who act as an extension of your own team.
Carry on doing what you love and leave the rest to us.


Project Manager


Business Strategist


Digital Sales Executive


Multimedia Designer


SEO Specialist


Head of Digital Development


Media Assistant


Creative Executive


Media Assistant


Graphic Designer


Sales Associate


Finance Lead

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